Contributed tools

Due to the import and export facilities of arbtt (as explained in the section called “External processing of arbtt statistics”), tools producing and analyzing arbtt’s data can be developed independently. This section lists those that we are aware of. If you create a tool of your own, or find one somewhere, please tell us on the mailing list (see the section called “Copyright and Contact”).


Jayesh Kumar Gupta created a nice d3-based visualization of your arbtt data, including daily pie charts and barcode graphs.

You can find his tool on


Tomáš Janoušek maintains a console-based alternative to arbtt-graph that draws charts using Unicode block elements.

You can find his tool on

arbtt-capture for GNOME Shell

An arbtt-capture implemented as a GNOME Shell extension. Its main value proposition is compatibility with Wayland (but it is compatible with traditional X Window System as well). You can find it on