arbtt-dump — dumps arbtt data samples


arbtt-dump [OPTION...]


arbtt-dump reads the data samples recorded by arbtt-capture(1) and writes them so the standard output in an ascii based format.


-h, -?, --help
shows a short summary of the available options, and exists.
-V, --version
shows the version number, and exists.
-f FILE, --logfile FILE
logfile to use instead of ~/.arbtt/capture.log
-t FORMAT, --format FORMAT
dumping format to use, where FORMAT is one of human (the default), show or JSON. Case in-sensitive.
-l NUMBER, --last NUMBER
dump only the last NUMBER of samples.



binary file, storing the arbtt data samples



This format is intended for human inspection, but not for further processing. Hence, it may change in new versions of arbtt without notice. Example output:

2013-06-20 14:53:50 (48ms inactive):
    ( ) Navigator:      arbtt-dump - Iceweasel
    ( ) gnome-terminal-server: jojo@kirk:~/projekte/programming/arbtt/doc
    (*) gvim:           arbtt.xml + (~/projekte/programming/arbtt/doc) - GVIM2

The line with a star indicates the currently active window.


This is the default serialization format of Haskell's Show type class, one entry per line. This can be useful if the data is to be processed by further Haskell code. Example output, with indentation added manually:

    { tlTime = 2013-06-20 14:53:50.957763 UTC
    , tlRate = 60000
    , tlData = CaptureData
        { cWindows =
            [ (False,"arbtt-dump - Iceweasel","Navigator")
            , (False,"jojo@kirk:~/projekte/programming/arbtt/doc","gnome-terminal-server")
            , (True,"arbtt.xml + (~/projekte/programming/arbtt/doc) - GVIM2","gvim")
        , cLastActivity = 48


For interoperability, arbtt supports dumping its data to JSON, which can easily be parsed by many different programming languages. Some level of backward-compatibility will be provided, as far as possible. Default output, again with indentation and spacing added manually:

[ ...,
  { "windows": [
      { "program": "arbtt-dump - Iceweasel",
        "title": "Navigator",
        "active": false},
      { "program": "jojo@kirk:~/projekte/programming/arbtt/doc",
        "title":" gnome-terminal-server",
        "active": false},
      { "program": "arbtt.xml + (~/projekte/programming/arbtt/doc) - GVIM2",
        "title": "gvim",
    "inactive": 48,
    "date": "2013-06-20T14:53:50.957Z",
    "rate": 60000},

See also

See the arbtt manual for more information and the arbtt hackage page for newer versions of arbtt.