arbtt-import — imports dumped arbtt data samples


arbtt-import [OPTION...]


arbtt-import reads data from standard input and adds the entries to the logfile. It supports the Show format as well as the JSON format, and can be used in a streaming fashion (i.e. it will write entries as they are read from standard input).

By default, this program completely overrides the existing file, therefore it will refuse to work if the log file already exists. If you want to overwrite a file, please delete it before running arbtt-import. If you want to extend an existing file, use the --append option.


-h, -?, --help
shows a short summary of the available options, and exists.
-V, --version
shows the version number, and exists.
-f FILE, --logfile FILE
logfile to use instead of ~/.arbtt/capture.log
-a, --append
append the log file, if it already exists
-t FORMAT, --format FORMAT
format to use, where FORMAT is one of show (the default) or JSON. The JSON format can either be a list of records (as dumped by arbtt-dump(1)), or just one record after another (useful in streaming mode).



binary file, storing the arbtt data samples

See also

See the arbtt manual for more information and the arbtt hackage page for newer versions of arbtt.