arbtt-recover — tries to recover a broken arbtt data log


arbtt-recover [OPTION...]


arbtt-recover tries to read the data samples recorded by arbtt-capture(1), skipping over possible broken entries. A fixed log file is written to ~/.arbtt/capture.log.recovered. If the recovery was successful, you should stop arbtt-capture and move the file to ~/.arbtt/capture.log.

As a side effect, arbtt-recover applies the log compression method implemented in version 0.4.5 to the samples created by an earlier version. If you have a large logfile written by older versions, running arbtt-recover is recommended.


-h, -?, --help
shows a short summary of the available options, and exists.
-V, --version
shows the version number, and exists.
-i, --infile
logfile to use instead of ~/.arbtt/capture.log
-o, --outfile
where to save the recovered file, instead of ~/.arbtt/capture.log.recovered



binary file, storing the arbtt data samples


binary file, storing the fixed arbtt data samples

See also

See the arbtt manual for more information and the arbtt hackage page for newer versions of arbtt.